Design India is a full time service agency for all your OOH advertising needs. We have started our journey in the mid of the year 2013 as an outdoor printing service providers. It is the team's dedication and service to the client that has generated a true mission to gear up for the next milestone of achievement. With the progress of time we have been powered by the technical advantages, machinaries and quality manpower. We are very much punctual and proffessional to maintain our business relation for a long run. We offer the lowest possible prices in the media service marketplace. If you're a marketer of products or services, we serve you to enable reaching your customers more efficiently and effectively than ever before in our locality. We provide media buing of OOH and the printing services in well tested media houses without risking a lot of money on media services. We work closely together with our clients to develop a comprehensive media consulting solution, we empower businesses with the highest ROI per marketing money spent.

At present, we can claim us as the top ranked OOH planning and executing house of the Valley which has strong passion for marketing, advertising, communications and creativity- done effectively. Years of expertise working for top brands, we specialize in differentiating, positioning and branding companies through comprehensive, innovative marketing strategies. Our team of professionals is always excited about every phase, from planning and designing to executing and analyzing results.

If you are thinking to be a partner of us you are right on the track to position your brand seriously.You can definitly expect excellent customer service, creative solutions, an enthusiastic partner and that is exactly what we specialize in and thoroughly enjoy delivering to each of our clients.

According to the progress of time we are upgrading us to give clients the better service all the way. We are always humble to deliver clients sideline keys of brandbuilding. We craft Carry Bags ( Non Weaven), we organise the events for corporate relation building, we also arrange theme parties on request.

Why Us:

  • Design India is a platform which holds a good USP of its services. It has got a good identity of reputation in the valley. It has a great service portfolio with national and regional brands. The house has strong command on the creative approach towards hitting target.
  • Design India is a good planner and executer of OOH advertising. It is specialized latex technology for inshop branding. It has got a better service relation with companies working with.
  • Design India has got a industrial man power of 20 skilled members and 65 semiskilled members. It has got more than 100s of hoarding spaces in the Valley. It has got 4000 sqft area of production and services to the client.